Welcome to my website! 

I am Jennifer Moss, hairdresser, singer, lyricist and recording artist.  I am located in Liverpool, North West England and have been singing and dancing from a very young age. 

I offer a session singer service and I am also available for live performances, parties and functions too. 

I am currently working on a couple of dance music projects with DJ/Producer Chris Ellis.  The first project is called CollaborNation and will soon be out on iTunes and various other digital download sites.  There's further information relating to the launch which can be found on the DJBeat website, so once you have finished here, feel free to head on over.  There's plenty of interesting stuff on the DJBeat site, plus lots of free music, samples and other content to download.

You can play or download my music or watch my videos by going to my Music page, or if you would like to view my photos, simply go to my Photos page.

As already mentioned, I work in a salon and I can often earn good money from just the tips alone, therefore I did wonder whether including a donate button on my site might work also?  Yes, hairdressing is my job day job, however singing is my passion and I hope you enjoy my talent. 

Please feel free to contact me by clicking Here.  

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